5 Helpful Tips To Avoid Injury While Moving

Moving is an arduous task. You need to consider loads of things even before the moving day arrives along with stress and anxiety. Moving can put a lot of strain on your body and worse, you might get injured badly. According to Toronto moving company, care and attention are the keys to safe and effective moving. Toronto movers have complied a few points helping people to avoid any injury during a move.
11Be Careful Moving Heavy Items

Back strain can be really dangerous for your back. It is advised to avoid lifting overloaded boxes. Never lift a box that weighs more than 25kg. You also need to pay heed to your lifting techniques. Support the weight by the legs, not the back. Make sure your back is straight while you bend to lift the boxes.

Check for Dangerous Areas

This includes from point A (where you are moving from) to point B (where you are moving to). Avoid the paths with uneven surface, narrow access, posts or polls, to make sure that they don’t become a hazard. Clear the areas and avoid going from stairs as it may be risky.

Have The Right Tools

If you have hired professional Toronto movers to assist you in packing and moving, make sure they are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipments for effective and quick moving. However, if you have planned to move yourself, shop or borrow some tools that can help make your move easier. A dolly can help you move heavier and multiple items safely. Straps are vital to keep the items secure while moving.

Consider Your Attire

People may overlook this fact, but it is important. Make sure you wear cool and comfortable clothes since you have to do a lot of bending and stretching. Also, go for durable, supportive and comfortable footwear that can protect you against falls on slippery surfaces.

Don’t Try To Move Specialty Items Yourself

There are some items, such as  pianos, pool tables, large fish tanks, bulky gym and other equipments that require professional assistance. If you try to move them on your own, you are surely looking for trouble and an injury. Professionals know how to move these bulky items safely. Furthermore, they have the right tools and techniques to undertake the entire task with ease. It is advised to have a mobile phone handy with a list of emergency contacts, in case something unfortunate happens.

Plan Your Move with 310 MoveThese tips will help you execute a safe move without any injury. In case, you are looking for professional moving company in Toronto, contact 310 Move. Our Toronto movers are skilled to handle residential and commercial moving tasks efficiently.