Tips To Secure Your Furniture During House Moving Process

One of the most common obstacles encountered, while preparing for a move is the way to shift the furniture safely. Folks are highly concerned about saving their delicate furniture from any damage during the move. Since wood is quite delicate, careless handling can gouge, rip or break it. Luckily, there are some easy tricks that expert moving companies in Toronto follow to safely relocate their customer belongings.

Few helpful tips for shifting furniture are:

elderlyjpg-62cf8647007e4f391. Gather the packing supplies: People often use cardboard boxes, newspaper and blankets for packing and protecting their belongings. Though these items can work efficiently, investing in few more supplies will ensure a flawless move. Visit your nearest hardware store and purchase the following essential items:

a) Packing tape
b) Bubble wrap paper
c) Mattress cover
d) Plastic stretch wrap
e) Sealed hard bags
f) Cardboard sheets

2. Clean the furniture: Before packing, clean the movable furniture properly. Since dust and debris can scratch the wooden surfaces, it’s crucial to remove it. Moreover, this will ensure a clean new home. Take the drawers out of the dressing table and pack some small essential items in them. In this way, you can utilize the extra storage space for the move.

3. Disassemble the furniture: Disassemble the large furniture as much as possible. Remove the dining table legs and dismantle the bed frames completely. This will result in easy packing and move. If you don’t know anything about the process, ask your skilled furniture movers,Toronto to offer some help.

Keep the following tips in mind before dismantling:

(a) Correctly separate the furniture parts by following the user manual instructions.
(b) Use sealed plastic bags to store the nuts, screws and other hardware. Place it securely along with the 310 moving portable containers. Tape it to the concerned item, so as to prevent the loss of hardware.
(c) Use a masking tape and marker to make a sign that will help in identifying where each piece will go.
(d) Do the disassembling process a day before to save time.

furniture-delivery4. Wrap Everything: An important aspect that helps in avoiding cracks and damage to the furniture is wrapping everything. The two best wrapping tools are bubble wrap and plastic sheet wrap. To protect the delicate wood pieces, use bubble wrap. Plastic sheets are designed to protect the other upholstered items. For soft furniture, use blankets. It’s recommended to place cardboard sheets in between two wooden pieces to prevent scratches.


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