6 Effective Tips To Move Heavy Furniture in Toronto

Furniture-Assembly-Toronto-310-Move_128Moving heavy objects can be a daunting task. It can have a bad effect on your muscle and back, especially when you don’t know how to do it right. It puts a lot of strain on the body and can lead to muscle pull that is quite painful sometimes. Furniture assembly and delivery Toronto experts have shared a few effective tips so that you can move a heavy couch, appliance, or a bulky and awkward object without giving strain to your body.

Tip #1: Disassemble what you can.
When you’re moving a huge piece of furniture, if possible take apart whatever you can. This will make the things lighter and it will be easy for you to move them. Some parts such as knobs, shelves, cushions, legs, racks, and drawers can be taken apart.

Tip #2: Get adjustable moving straps.
Lifting straps are designed to make heavy lifting easier on your back. They rely on stronger muscles in your legs and shoulders to support the weight. You can adjust them as per the length and are great for moving heavy objects like recliners or refrigerators. You can easily found them online or at large home supply stores.

Tip #3: Remove door stop molding.
Each little inch matters when you have large objects, but the space is less. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of an inch to make the move through the doorway. You need to move the furniture without causing any damage to your property. If your door doesn’t open wide enough, take off the hinges and try to mold it. This will give you a little extra space.

Tip #4: Wrap what you can.
When it comes to moving heavy items, make sure you pack and wrap the item well to secure them before moving. This means using heavy duty plastic wraps that can protect the furniture. Bungee tapes are a little difficult to remove and can also damage the furniture so plastic wrap is an ideal option.

Tip #5: Plan where the furniture will land.
Prior to moving to a new place, make sure you are well-aware of the areas where you are planning to place the furniture. For that you can sketch out a floor plan with the right measurements. This will save your time and physical exertion later since you know where exactly you have to move it around to the right place.

Tip #6: Get help.
Last but definitely not least, call in furniture assembly and delivery experts in Toronto. They can help you lift the large objects. They are trained to do such tasks and have the right equipments.

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