Tips for Moving into An Apartment

Plan Your Move with 310 MoveApartment living has its own unique set of advantages and challenges. Any moving company Toronto will suggest you plan ahead of time to overcome any potential challenges. Below are some helpful tips to make your move into an apartment easier.

Book the elevator in advance
You do not want to compete with another resident who is either moving in or out. If possible, move the smaller items beforehand—such as a plant—take benefit of the opportunity and book the elevator only for big items. If the building does not have an elevator, try to gather as much help as you can. Measure big items like tables and make sure to maneuver them carefully through the corners in the stairwell, and also fit them properly through the door.

Make sure the furniture fits well
Sketch out your apartment’s floor plan and where you want everything to be placed. If you are planning to downsize, make sure to measure each item, the apartment door, and its final placement. If possible, go with furniture which is easy-to-assemble or disassemble as it will make it easier for you to get the piece into the elevator and into your new apartment.

Make thorough plans for your storage/locker room
You do not want to move into your new apartment and throw any ‘excess’ items carelessly into a storage or locker room, only for them to never be found again. Buy few shelves and organize your stuff into bins ahead of time. This way you won’t be making your new apartment cluttery and you will be easily able to locate anything when you need to.

Clearly label boxes and drop them off in an identified corner in each room
If you only have a limited space, it can be annoying to bring in a furniture and then having to cover it immediately with boxes. To ensure everything is safe and accessible, keep boxes together in one location of each room so you can look through them later. Label the highly important boxes with a different color marker or tape so you know they need to be unpacked first.

Let your moving company Toronto know about these points
It will ensure everything goes even more smoothly. Inform your movers Toronto about the hours you’ve booked the elevator (or if there is a walk-up), if there is any huge furniture item, and if you have any specific instructions for where boxes or other stuff should be place. Also remember to label fragile items clearly.

310 Move is a moving company Toronto for all your residential and commercial moving needs. Contact us today to receive a FREE quote.


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