4 Qualities of a Reliable Furniture Moving Company

furniture-moveing1With ever changing businesses and services, people often relocate to different places for a better career and job. People, especially the working individuals can be seen moving to new homes, offices, cities and apartments every day. Many of them hire moving companies in Toronto to get their belongings shifted safely.

To tackle the moving needs, many local moving agencies have come up. With the presence of many service providers, it is becoming difficult to choose the one that is highly trustworthy, reliable and offers timely service. A company that is popular for offering bulk moving services, may not offer suitable solutions for effective furniture moving in Toronto.

Few qualities to look for in reliable furniture assembly firms are:

1. Understanding the value of client possessions: If one is searching for an ideal residential moving company, there’s need to look for the one that not only understands the value of your high end furnishing and belongings, but also behaves mannerly. Always remember that these are your belongings, and you have hired a company for proper moving. One can point out anytime, if he thinks that his valuable items aren’t packed, handled and protected properly.

2. A user friendly website: Almost all reputable movers have a user friendly website. This website should include customer reviews, positive testimonials, links to their social media page and clear definition of their services along with operating hours and address. To avoid frauds, don’t go to the firms that do not have a website indicating their services.

3. Provide an accurate quote: After visiting the company website and reading the client reviews or testimonials, save some time to visit the given address. Interrogate about their services in detail and request a free quote to find out the overall moving estimate. It’s better to approach other companies also, to see whose services are reliable and best fits your budget. A reliable company will not argue with you for providing an accurate quote and a free estimate for the local mover in Toronto.

4. Quality solutions and answers: Last but not the least. A furniture moving company should be helpful. If you are a first time mover, go in depth and clear out all your moving queries. Hire firms that have attentive and skilled movers who can tackle every problem that arise during the moving process, with right and perfect solutions.

These were the few qualities of the best furniture movers. 310 Move is a furniture moving company that offers quality moving and affordable furniture assembly & delivery services in Toronto for both residential and commercial clients.


Tips To Secure Your Furniture During House Moving Process

One of the most common obstacles encountered, while preparing for a move is the way to shift the furniture safely. Folks are highly concerned about saving their delicate furniture from any damage during the move. Since wood is quite delicate, careless handling can gouge, rip or break it. Luckily, there are some easy tricks that expert moving companies in Toronto follow to safely relocate their customer belongings.

Few helpful tips for shifting furniture are:

elderlyjpg-62cf8647007e4f391. Gather the packing supplies: People often use cardboard boxes, newspaper and blankets for packing and protecting their belongings. Though these items can work efficiently, investing in few more supplies will ensure a flawless move. Visit your nearest hardware store and purchase the following essential items:

a) Packing tape
b) Bubble wrap paper
c) Mattress cover
d) Plastic stretch wrap
e) Sealed hard bags
f) Cardboard sheets

2. Clean the furniture: Before packing, clean the movable furniture properly. Since dust and debris can scratch the wooden surfaces, it’s crucial to remove it. Moreover, this will ensure a clean new home. Take the drawers out of the dressing table and pack some small essential items in them. In this way, you can utilize the extra storage space for the move.

3. Disassemble the furniture: Disassemble the large furniture as much as possible. Remove the dining table legs and dismantle the bed frames completely. This will result in easy packing and move. If you don’t know anything about the process, ask your skilled furniture movers,Toronto to offer some help.

Keep the following tips in mind before dismantling:

(a) Correctly separate the furniture parts by following the user manual instructions.
(b) Use sealed plastic bags to store the nuts, screws and other hardware. Place it securely along with the 310 moving portable containers. Tape it to the concerned item, so as to prevent the loss of hardware.
(c) Use a masking tape and marker to make a sign that will help in identifying where each piece will go.
(d) Do the disassembling process a day before to save time.

furniture-delivery4. Wrap Everything: An important aspect that helps in avoiding cracks and damage to the furniture is wrapping everything. The two best wrapping tools are bubble wrap and plastic sheet wrap. To protect the delicate wood pieces, use bubble wrap. Plastic sheets are designed to protect the other upholstered items. For soft furniture, use blankets. It’s recommended to place cardboard sheets in between two wooden pieces to prevent scratches.

4 Most Effective Money Saving Moving Tips By 310Move

Furniture Assembly Toronto

It does not matter you are relocating across city or across country, moving is always stressful, costly and time consuming task. Move your all stuff from your current home to new home is very expensive job. Most of the people are not ready for this cost or they can not afford high cost moving professionals. In such situation, you need to do something that help to save your money and make your moving job stress free. Here are some tips that will definitely help you save money.

1. Make A Strategy: Strategy is most important before start any work. Whether it is moving or any thing else. A good strategy make your whole process stress free and easy. If it is possible, do not make your moving plan during busy schedule. You can move in summer season because the weather and kids both are out of school.

2. Do It Yourself: Start your packing and moving process slowly. If you load small house products and you just relocating next to your town, in such case you need to consider moving yourself. Mostly moving companies make money through mileage charges and some companies have reasonable fix rates. Try to packed everything at your own and plan to load with yourself. If you have just small boxes, you can use your car for moving. One the other hand, you can hire self service move company.

3. Pack Properly: Collect all packing material as soon as possible and get old boxes instead of new boxes. You can ask to your friends and neighbours for old boxes who have recently moved. You can also get boxes from your office or workplace like printer paper boxes. You can also use old milk crates for packing. Before start packing, make sure that you have enough boxes and tap for your packing process.

4.Book Moving Company Early: This is most important thing to consider. If you make a plan of moving before few months from the exact time. It is good opportunity to you to save a money by book a moving company before the exact moving time. If you book moving company at the last minute, may be company get very busy and will get double charges from you and also chances of extra charges if the company help you in packing at last minute.

Hope so these given tips help you to get the best and cost effective moving experience. Anything else you want to know about moving service, concern with 310move company. We serve our moving services in Brampton, Toronto, Oakville, Markham, Mississauga and Vaughan.

Five Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Hiring Movers

furniture assembly Toronto

To find and hire the best moving company is most vital decision when you think about moving. Hiring a professional company help you to make your moving and relocating process hassle free but some time you make some mistake when you hire moving company. In this article you read about these common mistakes. If you do this mistakes, it’s just not make your all relocating process stressful, it can also make it more expensive. Below are these common mistakes.

1. Waiting Until The Last Minutes: There is no doubt that some people are so lazy and they put their work on the last minute. Some times they paid double from the actual amount for this last minute habit. Hiring a last minute moving company will be always expensive. Because they rearranged their daily schedule for you and sometimes they need more movers, it means they need an extra money to pay them and due to this they will get extra charges from you. In any emergency case, if you need hire a last minute moving company, make sure hire the best and professional moving company.

2. Not Receiving Enough Estimate: Mostly people make this mistake. It is not important where you are moving from and moving to. The main thing is you get at least three moving company’s estimate and compare them with each other. You can compare their cost, services, their employee’s experience. After that call them and hire for your moving job.

3. Not Ask The Right Questions: Many people have this habit that they never ask few important questions to moving company when they hire it. Hiring a moving company is not as easy as it seems. There are many questions which are important to ask them before hiring. You should ask them about their company policy, insurance, discount, additional charges, estimate charges, packing and unpacking services and many more.

4. Hire A Cheap Moving Company: Cheap is not always good. To save a few bucks, some people hire a cheap moving company but some time after completed the whole moving process they pay some extra charges.

5. Not Researching For The Right Company: Nowadays, people like to hire everything online means they get the help of internet. If you one of them, make sure you read testimonials of that company which you want hire. You can get the help of your friends and office co-workers. Check if the company is insured and licensed, go with it. Choose a right company for your relocating process is vital.

When you avoid all these given mistakes and keep in your mind, surely your moving process goes smoothly and hassle free. Hope so you don’t make any one of them mistake next time when you hire a moving company. For more information you can check out 310move’s website .

6 Effective Tips To Move Heavy Furniture in Toronto

Furniture-Assembly-Toronto-310-Move_128Moving heavy objects can be a daunting task. It can have a bad effect on your muscle and back, especially when you don’t know how to do it right. It puts a lot of strain on the body and can lead to muscle pull that is quite painful sometimes. Furniture assembly and delivery Toronto experts have shared a few effective tips so that you can move a heavy couch, appliance, or a bulky and awkward object without giving strain to your body.

Tip #1: Disassemble what you can.
When you’re moving a huge piece of furniture, if possible take apart whatever you can. This will make the things lighter and it will be easy for you to move them. Some parts such as knobs, shelves, cushions, legs, racks, and drawers can be taken apart.

Tip #2: Get adjustable moving straps.
Lifting straps are designed to make heavy lifting easier on your back. They rely on stronger muscles in your legs and shoulders to support the weight. You can adjust them as per the length and are great for moving heavy objects like recliners or refrigerators. You can easily found them online or at large home supply stores.

Tip #3: Remove door stop molding.
Each little inch matters when you have large objects, but the space is less. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of an inch to make the move through the doorway. You need to move the furniture without causing any damage to your property. If your door doesn’t open wide enough, take off the hinges and try to mold it. This will give you a little extra space.

Tip #4: Wrap what you can.
When it comes to moving heavy items, make sure you pack and wrap the item well to secure them before moving. This means using heavy duty plastic wraps that can protect the furniture. Bungee tapes are a little difficult to remove and can also damage the furniture so plastic wrap is an ideal option.

Tip #5: Plan where the furniture will land.
Prior to moving to a new place, make sure you are well-aware of the areas where you are planning to place the furniture. For that you can sketch out a floor plan with the right measurements. This will save your time and physical exertion later since you know where exactly you have to move it around to the right place.

Tip #6: Get help.
Last but definitely not least, call in furniture assembly and delivery experts in Toronto. They can help you lift the large objects. They are trained to do such tasks and have the right equipments.

Furniture Assembly and Delivery in TorontoIf you are looking for a professional moving company in Toronto, than look no further than 310 Move. 310 Move specializes in both residential and commercial move in Toronto and its surrounding areas. Our professionals are skilled to handle all your moving needs.

Tips for Moving into An Apartment

Plan Your Move with 310 MoveApartment living has its own unique set of advantages and challenges. Any moving company Toronto will suggest you plan ahead of time to overcome any potential challenges. Below are some helpful tips to make your move into an apartment easier.

Book the elevator in advance
You do not want to compete with another resident who is either moving in or out. If possible, move the smaller items beforehand—such as a plant—take benefit of the opportunity and book the elevator only for big items. If the building does not have an elevator, try to gather as much help as you can. Measure big items like tables and make sure to maneuver them carefully through the corners in the stairwell, and also fit them properly through the door.

Make sure the furniture fits well
Sketch out your apartment’s floor plan and where you want everything to be placed. If you are planning to downsize, make sure to measure each item, the apartment door, and its final placement. If possible, go with furniture which is easy-to-assemble or disassemble as it will make it easier for you to get the piece into the elevator and into your new apartment.

Make thorough plans for your storage/locker room
You do not want to move into your new apartment and throw any ‘excess’ items carelessly into a storage or locker room, only for them to never be found again. Buy few shelves and organize your stuff into bins ahead of time. This way you won’t be making your new apartment cluttery and you will be easily able to locate anything when you need to.

Clearly label boxes and drop them off in an identified corner in each room
If you only have a limited space, it can be annoying to bring in a furniture and then having to cover it immediately with boxes. To ensure everything is safe and accessible, keep boxes together in one location of each room so you can look through them later. Label the highly important boxes with a different color marker or tape so you know they need to be unpacked first.

Let your moving company Toronto know about these points
It will ensure everything goes even more smoothly. Inform your movers Toronto about the hours you’ve booked the elevator (or if there is a walk-up), if there is any huge furniture item, and if you have any specific instructions for where boxes or other stuff should be place. Also remember to label fragile items clearly.

310 Move is a moving company Toronto for all your residential and commercial moving needs. Contact us today to receive a FREE quote.

Tips For Senior Citizens Moving Homes

Mississauga movers relocate many senior citizens every year. It can be quite challenging to arrange a smooth and seamless move for seniors. It is important for moving companies to adjust their process to work patiently with the customers and stay in regular touch to minimize worry and stress. Below are some tips to relocating seniors:

banner3If you or someone you know is moving homes as a senior citizen, the entire process can get a bit too overwhelming and there’s plenty of work that needs to be done. All moves require careful planning an implementation, but fortunately, with right advice and resources, you can make the relocation process smooth and seamless.

1. Arrange someone to support you

Do you have adult children who can assist you with the moving process from start to end? For a senior citizen, moving can be challenging because adult children usually have work commitments or they may be living thousands of miles away.

If you are in this situation, never worry – you can always hire a professional who will guide you through the steps of relocating from packing the first box up until making sure the fixtures in your new home are working.

2. Get rid of unwanted items

Chances are, if you residing in the same house for years now, you have plenty of junk that is accumulated. When you move, you have a perfect opportunity to get rid of stuff you don’t need.

Be choosy when selecting what to take with you to your new house – the more stuff you plan to relocate, the more time, money and space it will cost you. Instead of throwing everything out, you can sell goods, or even recycle them.

3. Set up your new floorplans ahead of time

Now that you have eliminated unwanted junk, you can start making plans how you want things to look in your new house. If you have hired a professional for help, they will be glad to discuss with you the furniture arrangement for your new home. Setting your new floor plans ahead of time will ensure that when you arrive at your home, everything will be where you expect it to be.

4. Organize travel plans and travel partners

If you are relocating interstate, reaching your new house can be as short as a 30-minute drive. However, if you are relocating across the country, you might take plane or train to get to your new home. If possible, have someone travel with you.

elderlyjpg-62cf8647007e4f39Moving as a senior citizen can be a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to. Plan carefully and don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family for assistance.

If you are a senior citizen relocating soon, or are you ready to help a loved one with their move, contact 310 MOVE for a free moving estimate. Our moving company Mississauga will ensure your move is as smooth and seamless as possible.